Well-Being Packets & Coaching Sessions

Sessions to help you explore and experiment with improvements to lead a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Following such a collectively arduous journey navigating what has become nearly three years of pandemic time, Garrison Concierge has learned and felt the worries, emotions and cautions that we have all now taken to become a normal routine. The residual post-pandemic matters that many of us face have brought on new ideas, goals and offerings to announce in effort to help us all continue to drive through this moment in our lives.

The new Well-Being Packets and Coaching Sessions are now being offered in both small group or one-on-one sessions and can be available indoors or outdoors.

As a matter of fact, GC has been able to create a private outdoor environment conducive to such sessions in effort to demonstrate just how important and necessary it is for humans to have regular live contact and experiences in nature.