Spring Announcements!

The next program, “GREENGANIZE!” is coming up on Tuesday, May 10th at 6:30pm at the East Fishkill Community Library. Registration just opened up! The program is free, however, they take reservations to keep the seating limit. Here is the direct link to register: GREENGANIZE!

New programs are in the works of being planned and scheduled for the rest of the year and the website will be updated in the coming weeks.

May 11th is National Clean Your Room Day!

O r g a n i z e   Y o u r   R o o m   a n d   R e n e w  E n e r g y 

Let’s celebrate some spring cleaning tasks together!

1. Garrison Concierge will be offering a discount on kitchen pantries with a flat fee for the whole month of May! Pantries are always fun to organize and refresh during the spring months. If you have an unruly pantry, you can have Garrison Concierge pop over for a bit of a makeover and get your food straight for better accessibility to face the hungry summer months. This is especially nice for mothers with kids being home more during the hot months ahead. For a flat fee of $75, a standard-sized pantry can be reworked and decluttered as part of your spring cleaning tasks.

2. Garrison Concierge will also be offering a flat fee discount on standard-sized bathroom sink cabinets at $50 or a standard-sized linen closet at $75.