The *NeatoDeNitto* Organizing Method

The NeatoDeNitto Organizing Method uses simple logic for making decisions directly on site. This method guides you to find what you already have on hand to organize items without spending much money— keeping your life managed and more relaxed. In cases where you don’t believe you have adequate containers and/or storage, this method kicks in to spin your creativity to make needed containers before resorting to making any purchases.

In addition to physical assistance on site, the NDOM can offer remote guidance through emails, phone calls, texts or video sessions using FaceTime or MarcoPolo. The main purposes of remote guidance is to have sessions on days when it’s simply easier to just have a one-hour session without having to meet on site as well as lessening a carbon footprint by using an automobile for a commute that can be anywhere from 5 to 60 miles. Through remote guidance, you can be coached through minor to major delays in your projects and receive recommendations and referrals as well as small homework assignments in order to keep a healthy momentum. With the remote guidance, you can even have tutorial sessions on how to make your own containers using very basic items that you probably have in your space on a regular basis. **Please note that remote guidance sessions are reserved for clients who have already received at least ten hours of regular organizing sessions in person.

The NeatoDeNitto Organizing Method

Use What You Have… Create What You Don’t

Do you feel like you want to learn more about the NeatoDeNitto method in person through a 1-hour session for a flat fee?

For $25, you can schedule an on site Quickstart Session to learn about the basic foundation as to why this particular method could be your opportunity to finally reach some goals in keeping your possessions more easily accessible and allowing your space to breath— which can leave you with a calmer and healthier lifestyle.

If you should wish to hire Garrison Concierge for regular organizing sessions, please refer to the Catalog of Services page for rates, depending on your location. The fees for regular organizing are based on pre-payments or by services rendered and range from $30 – $50 per hour. If wishing to have a NeatoDeNtto Quickstart Session, there is a flat services rendered fee of $25. For remote guidance sessions, the fee is based by pre-payments of $25 per hour.

The NeatoDeNitto Organizing Method is a gradual lifestyle management change that really enhances one’s ability to be more productive at work, more social with friends and family and more at ease with a healthier outlook on the home you life in.

You can schedule a NeatoDeNitto Quickstart Session quite easily by calling or emailing Garrison Concierge.


NeatoDeNItto Method = more time for socializing with friends!