I moved from a three bedroom house in Cold Spring to a one bedroom apartment in the city, which involved a complicated three-step process of selling, donating, and disposal of a lot of furniture and personal possessions. Madeleine was a life saver during that stressful period because of her helpful, creative solutions – and lovely personality. I highly recommend her.

B. O’Steen ~ New York, NY

Madeleine has been an excellent cat sitter.  She loves animals, as our cat always looked forward to her visits. In moving from our house, she would help with packing, sorting, and carrying away assorted giveaways to their appropriate places. She is kind and efficient. I highly recommend her.

S.G.B. ~ Garrison, NY

The Garrison Concierge, aka Madeleine, has been our go-to help with cats, pup, mail, repairs (even unasked for ones!), plant care and anything else she casts her expert eye on. Instantly responsive, reliable and cheerful — you want the Garrison Concierge in YOUR life!!

H. & G. Platt ~ Cold Spring, NY

Madeleine, of Garrison Concierge, was as answered prayer when I help needed to prepare my overstuffed house for sale and downsize into a rental apartment. She helped me plan, sort, throw out, give away, store, clean and stage my house. Then she helped me look at apartments, pack-up, ship-out, plan and supervise the move, shop, and set-up the new apartment. Her excellent organizational skill is equaled by her decorative ones—she is both practical and imaginative and she has better ideas and taste than any interior decorator I have ever met. On top of that, her humor and “It can be done,” personality carried me through many rough spots.

P. Pearce Littel ~ New York, NY

Madeleine has been an indispensable part of my household and provides a sense of calmness and relief in every aspect of my busy schedule. She has been a godsend to my husband and I when we moved to Putnam County. Every aspect of our move and settling in our home, cat sitting services when we travel and helpful pointers along the way has made us feel very welcomed and as eased what would have otherwise been a harrowing experience.

S.C. & J. Berck ~ Beacon, NY

Madeleine has cared for both our indoor and outdoor plants several times while we were away. She is most reliable, conscientious and responsible; leaving documentation of her visits. We have the assurance that if anything went wrong in our home, Madeleine would get in touch with us immediately… a great comfort.

J. & K. Brown ~ Garrison, NY

With two careers and two households to manage, (not to mention a small menagerie and multiple community activities), my husband and I were overloaded with to-dos. Madeleine has helped our lives –and mine in particular– work so much more smoothly, with so much less stress. We recommend her enthusiastically.

E.P.A. ~ Garrison, NY

It has been my pleasure to work with Madeleine De Nitto, whose Garrison Concierge service provides great comfort to those in need of help. Madeleine is amazingly resourceful and charming. I remain grateful for the assistance she has provided over the years.

M. Kuss ~ Cold Spring, NY 

Garrison Concierge is very easy to work with and had lots of ideas to improve organization and storage in our small shared closet. She is skilled at making her clients feel at ease, listening to their concerns, and formulating good solutions. It feels good to have the chaos of the closet tamed. Thank you!!

C. Schaetzl & T. A’Zary ~ Garrison, NY

Many thanks for all your help with closing my professional office. Without your conscientious help, there’s no way that I could have pulled together old tax records, old administrative files, old client files for almost two decades. Your help purging old files and preparing key records to keep for a while was invaluable!

R.McClain ~ Charleston, SC / Washington, DC

STRESSED.PRESSED.MESSED provided a much needed service for my home office and adjoining storage closet. After five years of saying, “I’ll get to it later,” and providing myself a list of reasonable excuses, my limit for paper clutter and “organized chaos” was reached. Her solutions directly addressed and incorporated my working & organizational styles and created a streamlined system which is easily maintained.

E. A. Alvarez ~ Mount Pleasant, SC

Madeleine proved to be most versatile, patient, and incredibly optimistic with what could, at first, be thought of as most daunting work. She is great with research and finding solutions.

A. & J. Hill – Fortune 50 Corp. NCL ~ Atlanta, GA

Madeleine is a dynamo! She brings extraordinary organizational abilities to everyday tasks and handles varied personalities and agendas with great diplomacy.

J. Gabbe ~ New York, NY

Madeleine was highly involved in our program and went above and beyond the call of duty by directing an effort to move and to organize over 600 titles of music housed in a new space. Thanks to her efforts, we are now able to efficiently track items in the Music Library and properly store and protect them.

P. Mathis – Atlanta Young Singers of Callanwolde ~ Atlanta, GA

Madeleine worked tirelessly with me to organize 20 years of business paperwork, schedules, directories, sets, props, and costumes to build a more organized framework within a small working space.

D. Angel – Capitol City Opera Company ~ Atlanta, GA