Clients are always asking me what products I prefer for organizing, managing time, cleaning, so I have compiled a list of my favorite items and services with the reasons as to why I find them so helpful!



CABINET STORAGE DRAWERS – These handy drawer systems come in very handy to organize toiletries such as razors, toothbrushes, lotions, cosmetics, etc. 

BASKETS FOR SHELVING UNITS – Baskets are great for storing towels, toilet paper and other items that should be kept clean and tidy.


Garrison Concierge’s Top Pick Brands for Safer, Natural Cleaning Products.

  • white vinegar
  • baking soda
  • lemons
  • tea tree oil
  • essential oils – to mix with baking soda
  • tea bags – great for mopping wood floors
  • cotton clothes – scraps, such as old socks, t-shirts

Aside from the natural ingredients list above, these brand of natural cleaners can be found at Nature’s Pantry in Fishkill.







Check with the Environmental Working Group to see how your current products rate for exposing to you toxic chemicals on a grading scale from A to F.



CABINET STORAGE DRAWERS – These handy drawer systems mentioned above for bathroom storage also come in very handy to organize cleaning items such as sponges, rags and garbage bags under the kitchen sink.

BASKETS FOR SHELVING UNITS – As mentioned for organizing in the bathroom, baskets are also great for storing baking supplies, bags of rice or noodles, utensils or napkins. They keep everything neat and tidy and attractive to view.


COLORED PROJECT FOLDERS – I use these to color-code all of my client forms, music notes, medical reports, taxes, etc. Each color represents a different category and makes each file easy to access, grab and head out of the office.

FILE POCKET FOLDERS – I stopped using standard folders for my filing and made the switch years ago to these fabulous pocket folders in which papers do not fall out of. They also do not require hanging file folders to hold them up in filing drawers or file baskets. They are also very easy to label and keep papers much more tidy and streamlined in storage, as well as that they are so easy to hand off to other people without anything falling out.

LABEL MAKER – A simple label maker can be very helpful for files, storage boxes, paper drawers, as well as many other items that may need to labeling. Labeling with an actual label maker ensures that writing will be legible to anyone reading the labels.

DESIGNER STANDARD FOLDERS – To keep your office inspiring and neat, designer file folders work well to add splashes of color in your workspace if used in a vertical file box on the desktop or other surface space.

DESK TOP ORGANIZER – This is a great way to have urgent action or daily files easily accessible at your fingertips when working from your desk on a regular basis. This is where the designer folders come in handy, keeping a nice, inspiring theme in the office.


LARGE GLASS JARS – These jars are great for holding large amounts of cat, dog or bird foods.