Policies and Procedures

Below are simple guidelines that Garrison Concierge has recently updated (12/2019) and continues to use in order to provide the best possible service and care to each client for the year of  2020 and into future years.

  • The standard rate for Lifestyle Management services, which includes organizational, productivity & time management = $40 per hour.
  • The new new senior rate = $30 per hour. Those of 60 years or older are eligible for this rate.
  • The flat commute fee = $20. The fee is to cover time, fuel or train ticket for commutes over 30 minutes long.
  • All services remain as services-rendered, unless prepayments are made through an open-account in advances of services.
  • Years ago, a “Frequent Session Card” was offered to client who intended to use organizing services on a regular basis. Like sandwich or coffee club cards, the Frequent Session Card was punched once following each session of three or more hours. After ten sessions, when the card was punched ten times, a free hour was offered for the next meeting. Well, Garrison Concierge will be bringing this card back as of January, 2020.
  • As a service change in order to remain a green company, not all concierge services will remain available independently, but will be reserved for those who use the Lifestyle Management services. Estimated rates for concierge services are found on the Catalog of Services page.
  • Donation deliveries for local charities can no longer be made unless they are made the same day as collected and packed into the Garrison Concierge vehicle. GC can no longer keep donations in vehicle for more than three hours. There are also certain items that cannot be delivered at all, due to weight, size or condition, etc.
  • Recycling items can no longer be accepted for delivery by Garrison Concierge.
  • Garrison Concierge will no longer be able to accept new pet clients at this time. Pet services were phased out entirely by July 31st, 2018.
  • For those who choose to use pre-payment options, known as open accounts, for time and/or supplies, any remaining amount(s) left unused in those accounts expired on December 31, 2020. If funds were left in accounts after the expiration date, those funds cannot be rolled over.