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Wednesday – 10/28/2020 – 7:00pm – Poughkeepsie Public Library – Boardman Road Branch

“GREENGANIZE!”(official GC term): This program focuses on the growing interest in going green, or at least adopting a few healthy habits in helping out the environment with natural methods of cleaning and organizing.


NOTE: This is a live-in-person event following strict pandemic health & safety protocols, including wearing masks, sitting six or more feet apart with a limit of no more than 20 people in attendance. This is also an event that you must register for in order to hold one of the limited seats. REGISTRATION LINK =GREENGANIZE!


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Wednesday – 10/30/2019 – 1:00pm – Howland Public Library

New Parent Basics – Organizing for Newborns to Pre-schoolers: When becoming a new parent, it’s vital to be as organized as possible. With so much to learn and experience while caring for infants through pre-schoolers, keeping a balance in all daily routines is key. This program focuses on what items to have on hand at all times, what situations to avoid and how to take care of both the child and the parent in order to keep stress levels down to a minimum. There will be full discussions about preparations for expecting a baby all the way through preparing for a child’s first day of pre-school. There will be a lot of information covered about the importance of being well organized for medical reasons, school preparations and various types of emergencies.


Monday – 4/22/2019 – 1:00pm – Howland Public Library – Special Earth Day Program!!

Not Quite Zero Waste — Home Sustainability – Steps to Leading a Healthier Lifestyle:  This new program is for those considering ways to make their home and lifestyles more sustainable by adopting habits that lower refuge, power and clutter, etc. In this series, attendees will learn about living a healthier, simpler and more peaceful lifestyle while helping the environment.

  • Setting the commitment level for personal sustainability
  • Building a foundation of initial steps toward lifestyle changes
  • Ultimate zero waste options

*Note: This is a very complex version of GC016 class description on the PROGRAMS page.


Wednesday – 1/9/2019 – 1:00pm – Howland Public Library 

New! Chaotic Inheritance — How to Deal with or Avoid Difficult Challenges Following the Passing of a Loved One: A subject we all wish we didn’t have to address and prepare for. This special program discusses preparing well in advance of an inevitable passing, as well as learning what to expect if choosing Hospice care and dealing with the many tasks following a death. There is a lot of focus on how to avoid leaving chaos to survivors, such as excessive clutter, financial or legal issues or surprises of possessions or property unknown to have been owned. The program strongly recommends steps to planning departure with a will, burial insurance and inheritance lists to prevent any bickering and frustrations.




10/27/2018 – Desmond-Fish Library – 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Home Sustainability – Twenty Ways to Reduce Waste and Toxins from Your Home –Learn Simple Steps to Move into a Healthier Lifestyle While Helping the Environment

Garrison Concierge will be speaking during the first half of this Philipstown Garden Club workshop about reducing wastes from the home and reaching goals toward a more sustainable home for a healthier lifestyle.

NOTE: This is a condensed version of the Earth Day 2019 workshop listed below for March 22nd at the Howland Public Library in Beacon.

10/14/2017 – Desmond-Fish Library – 1:30pm

Facts About Hoarding Tendencies vs. Chronic Disorganization – Learn about the difference between hoarding and being chronically disorganized. This program discusses the preventative measures for avoiding the risks of severe compulsive hoarding behavior by understanding the deep psychology behind this serious subject. Attendees will learn important facts and statistics, understand the risks and determine the differences between healthy collecting, chronic disorganization and hoarding tendencies.