Clutter Support Group

Do you long to spend more time with family and friends this winter, but the indoor condition of your home brings on frustration that you don’t feel that you the have time to spare for leisure activities?

THANKSGIVING - 2014 #51Have you tried to become more organized, but the magazine articles and books simply aren’t enough to keep your momentum? Do you feel that the clutter in your environment is taking over you life? Have you considered joining a specialized support group for those facing mild to severe challenges?

Introducing the Clutter Support Group at Desmond-Fish Library called The Deep Heap Circle!

This non-judgmental accountability group may be able to inspire you to focus better on your current issues with clutter. The group is facilitated by a NAPO professional organizer with 18 years of experience from Garrison Concierge. Anyone is welcome to attend the introductory meeting to see if it suits your needs. The meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 4th at 1:30pm at the Desmond-Fish Library in the basement room for a one-hour meet & greet session. At this first session, attendees will be given future dates for more sessions as well as a list of policies and procedures in effort to honor the privacy of all in attendance. This group is free and open to anyone facing issues with mild to chronic disorganization.

Here are some bullet points about the Deep Heap Circle 

+ While you may have seen it listed as a discussion group or as a support group, please know that it is both. The Deep Heap Circle is a group which discusses and supports the thoughts, needs and desires of those who feel they need interaction with others who share the same challenges in dealing with various levels of clutter. Basically, this group is a general group of discussing clutter at any level

+ There are many groups that are referred to as support groups for anything from cancer to grieving to new mothers and many other lifetime disruptions or transitions. There are many support group listings for people to join and they seek them out because they are in need of support. No one should ever feel the sense of support groups “labeling” people. Like any other support group, The Deep Heap Circle is a non-judgmental, all-inclusive group open to anyone with challenges of clutter from mild to severe levels. No one should feel left out if they feel they have too little or too much of a challenge to be present. This group should not be perceived as a group only for those whose clutter issues have reached hoarding proportions.

+ The word support is not a negative word. Rather, it is actually a positive word with a positive meaning. Everyone needs some support at certain periods during their lifetime and there should be no shame or judgment in someone seeking assistance to deal with whatever challenges they may be experiencing. The word, support, quite literally means to hold up, to keep upright, to give assistance to —all definitions of which are positive and hopeful.

+ There may be many themes that will be discussed over the course of time. Each month can have a different theme. There are many possibilities of what could be discussed within the group and the levels of clutter which include the very mild to the more serious cases will be described. Also, the accurate terminology for challenges will be discussed.

+ This group is not able to give clinical diagnosis and clinical treatment, though referrals may be made for related professionals.

Entering this path to seek assistance in the company of others may be a great way to find new perspective in dealing with a current situation.