MMI #9

Since 1999, lifestyle management & productivity consultant, Madeleine DeNitto has offered her skills to people in three states and has earned a reputation for paying attention to meticulous details and holding much compassion for her clients. Starting as Studio96 Organizing in 1999, those in her profession were known as professional organizers, thus, she changed her business name to STRESSED.PRESSED.MESSED in 2004. In 2012, she started an additional business offering concierge services, which quickly became popular, at which time, she began running two separate businesses for over two years. It made sense to simplify the double paper work and advertising, so the recent decision to use the Garrison Concierge name for both businesses became official in January of 2015. Garrison Concierge now offers everything from simple dry cleaning errands to huge organizing projects.

In Madeleine’s long experience in the organizing industry, she has had a wide range of clients— from those who have simple situations to those who have very special needs and overwhelming challenges. She has worked with clients having emotional or physical impairments, senior citizens with new or extended challenges as well as high profile executives and celebrities. She has nearly 200 hours of specialized classes through ICD that are specific to the varied challenges of organizing the spaces, time and general lives of clients– case per case. Within the nineteen years that Madeleine has worked as a professional organizer, fourteen of those years were as a member of NAPO. As of 2018, she has decided to leave her membership, as her business changes course. Please read her April 2018 blog link to learn about her reasoning.

As the proud mother of two successful adult children, she also holds a wealth of experience, skills and resources for helping clients with children. Before she entered this profession, she was a stay-at-home mother and performed with an opera company for ten years before shifting into becoming a published photographer. Her children are now ages 30 and 31 with the oldest as a working mother in corporate HR and the youngest, an attorney working for US government. As empty nesters and new grandparents, Madeleine and her husband moved permanently to the Hudson Valley in 2010, where, after a ten year hiatus, Madeleine returned to performing in 2012, being cast in the Beggar’s Opera at The Philipstown Depot Theatre. She is a also member of the St. Philip’s Episcopal Church Choir, the Philipstown Garden Club and has recently created The Brasiles Ensemble, a group of professional musicians who are now performing locally, as well as part of a new vocal duo, The Mary Powell.


Garrison Concierge is a former member of NAPO and ICD and still strictly abides by both of their codes of ethics.