New Autumn 2022 Announcements!

~ AUTUMN 2022 ~

The Well-Being Issue

Programs! Projects!! Progress!!!

The winter temperatures ahead might be freezing, but Garrison Concierge will bring great warmth to the season with uplifting news and opportunities for your well-being.

Yes, it’s been a long time since the last newsletter was mailed out, but client work has continued— as well as multiple professional and personal projects in the last few months. It has been a busy 2022 and will continue to be quite active through the holidays coming up.

Ever since the vaccines came out, comfort levels for many people have improved with considerations about resuming sessions from early 2020, which have still been held under more cautious meeting practices. I am about to have my third booster by the end of October to keep the trend of positivity and caution. Meanwhile, sessions are already booking through December, but there is certainly still enough time to reserve some hours for your next organizing project between now and December 31st, using the “Winter Freeze” discount mentioned below. You can email or call to schedule some session time at   or   917.536.2033

Current News!

Garrison Concierge is in the planning stages for new “live-in-person” programs to be offered in 2023. If you are curious about the programs that happened earlier in 2022, you can visit the link below.  
2022 Events

In addition to the live programs and workshops that Garrison Concierge will always continue to offer, there is a new one-on-one session program that will offer time to explore and experiment with lifestyle methods to promote better well-being, both physically and emotionally in your daily routines. You will receive an introductory coaching session and well-being packet, packed with information on what you may be interested in incorporating into your lifestyle in effort to reduce stress, frustration and be able to embrace a more relaxed way of daily life. There are definitely some simple ways to bring more peace into your lifestyle that are mapped out through this new program… all of which are quite pleasant.
Well-Being Sessions

You can also reel in the organizing skills for your next project during the winter months with a special “Freeze” discount of $40 off of your next session of three hours or more. To find the coupon, click the link below.
Winter Freeze Discount

In addition, if you prefer to have a private Sole Focus one-on-one program session, you can make some progress by choosing which program you want to have in the cozy comfort of your own home. To read through the list of private sessions offered, please click the link below.
Sole Focus Programs