Welcome Winter 2022

Programs! Projects!! Progress!!!

Winter temperatures might be freezing, but Garrison Concierge brings great warmth to the season with uplifting news!

     IMG_2546  IMG_2920  SMITHTOWN SNOW #96

So far, you will be able to catch Garrison Concierge “live”with three different programs coming up next year in February, March and May. For more details on each of the scheduled programs, please click this link: 2022 Programs

You can also reel in some GC organizing skills for your next project during the winter months with a special “Winter Freeze” discount of $40 off of your next session of three hours or more. Here is the discount link: Winter Freeze Discount

In addition, if you prefer to have a private Sole Focus one-on-one program session, you can make some progress by choosing which program you want to have in the cozy comfort of your own home.
To read through the list of private sessions offered, please click this link: Sole Focus Programs