Updates for Autumn Have Arrived!

Garrison Concierge Announces Plans
for the Autumn and Holiday Months

I am so happy to welcome such a lovely season of vibrant color
and positive thinking. I hope the pumpkin on the chair photo adds
warmth to everyone as we now feel our crisp air returning
and our mountains bursting with the rich colors of autumn.


After such rough and strange spring summer seasons of handling my own organizational tasks at home and spending countless hours gardening, Garrison Concierge has just begun to slowly and carefully return to client work sessions as of September. Of course, the months ahead rounding out the end of 2020 are to continue with sessions, but with an eagle eye focused tightly on any Covid updates, etc. 

Now, as the first week of October has arrived, Garrison Concierge will be on a vacation through October 12th to enjoy a family wedding and a visit with a new grandchild. Upon my return, it will be full steam ahead with clients who are booked through part of November in various locations. But, there is still flexibility from mid-October through December for more sessions to be added to the calendar.

Check Out the Next GC Speaking Presentation! 

The special Garrison Concierge “Greenganize!” program about learning how to live a greener lifestyle with healthier cleaning and organizing habits is set for Wednesday 10/28 at 7pm at the Boardman Road branch of the Poughkeepsie Library. Here is the link to register for this special program: REGISTER HERE You can find out more information on the GC Events Page. If you care to read through the entire newsletter from the Poughkeepsie Library System where the presentation is listed, here is the link where you can find it on page four: The Rotunda Also, if you click on the word “Greenganize!” above, the link will take you to my programs page were you can find a lot of other programs to read about.

Coming up in November / December!

Stay tuned for more new announcements for 2021 as Garrison Concierge moves forward with the ideas from 2020 that were abruptly halted by the pandemic back in the spring, as well as even more new ideas and offerings that are to begin in January, including two new programs!

I might also mention that through the summer months, people may have been missing the regular postings on social media pages of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Each page will soon resume with fresh new posts including photos, tips and news by mid-October. So, please follow and like using these links!


Please stay safe, healthy and warm everyone!
Try to remain at home as much as possible!