Welcome to March!


Because March is National Nutrition Month, Garrison Concierge will extend the February offer for a discount of 15% off of the hourly rate specifically for kitchen organization through March 30th! This is a great time to take advantage of improving the flow of your cooking and eating space. A kitchen is the area of a home where an abundance of time and energy is spent. The last thing anyone wishes for it for that space to be frustrating to cook meals and/or to have an undesirable area to eat what has been cooked. Be more kind to your body with proper food choices and fresher storage options and make improvements to your kitchen space, easing frustration to make the heart of your home more enjoyable. Email with this direct link: email 


GREENGANIZE PROGRAM coming up on Earth Day!! Facebook event details HERE!

Special Earth Day Program!! April 22, 2020 – 7:00pm
Poughkeepsie Public Library – Boardman Branch
141 Boardman Rd, Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

GREENGANIZE!” (official GC term) : This program deals with the growing interest in going green, or at least adopting a few healthy habits in helping out the environment with natural methods of cleaning and organizing.

*Note: This is a very simplified version of the four-part series of Garrison Concierge’s “NOT QUITE ZERO WASTE – HOME SUSTAINABILITY: STEPS TO A LEADING A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE” workshop, found listed on the GC programs page: PROGRAMS




New Senior Discount started in January!

The current hourly rate for regular organizing services is $40, but if you are age 60 years or older, you are eligible for the new Senior Discount of $30 per hour.


Frequent Sessions Card!

Over 11 years ago, Garrison Concierge once had a reward program that ran similarly to an airline “frequent flier miles” program. The Frequent Sessions Card has been brought back to the life that it once had from 2003-2009. Now, the new program has just been offered to current client and already stirring quite a bit of momentum to have organizing sessions more frequently. Please read the fine print below.

Card Perks & Policies

The card has ten spots that reflect ten hours of organizing. The card is valid for earning points by setting up sessions that are for three or more hours. If a session is at least three hours, one spot is punched per hour. Once all ten spots are punched, the holder named on the card gets one free hour of organizing services. Holes are punched by special puncher from Garrison Concierge. Cards are non-transferrable. Cards expire on December 31, 2020.


Speaking programs, did you know that Garrison Concierge now also offers 16 of the 31 programs on the Programs Page as one-on-one programs? Find details below on how this new idea works!

NEW as of 2020!! – Sole Focus Programs —- Sixteen of the 31 programs on the list are now being be offered as private sessions for clients or anyone who simply wants individual attention for specific subject matter. Held as one-on-one sessions within the comfort of one’s own home or other quiet, uninterrupted meeting space, each session is set at a flat fee of $30. Each Sole Focus Program runs for an hour with client having the full attention, rather than having to share time with attendees in a public setting. Please look for the special orange SFP code following each program description to determine whether or not it is available for a private session. Payments for Sole Focus Programs are either pre-paid or as services rendered.