New Announcements from Garrison Concierge!

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With the summer behind us, Garrison Concierge is preparing for the fall, winter and even spring with new ideas, events, discounts and small contests. Check out the announcements below for the next few months ahead from Garrison Concierge!



The Deep Heap Circle is a monthly support group held at the Desmond-Fish Library. The time and location may change in the coming months.
: NOTES : 
** Until further notice, the Deep Heap Circle has been suspended by Garrison Concierge due to scheduling conflicts. More details will follow as soon as they become available. Thank you for your interest in this free program!



JANUARY PHOTOS #6 007    Wednesday, January 9, 2019 – 1pm – 2pm

Chaotic Inheritance – How to Avoid Leaving Problems Behind for Surviving Loved Ones to Deal With

Howland Public Library – Beacon


IMG_2593 Wednesday, January 16, 2019 – 2:30pm

*CLOSED PRESENTATION:  A private program for the 8th grade students of the Garrison Union Free School

READY KIDS: UNDERSTANDING ORGANIZING: [A parent/teacher & child joint participation class!] It’s quite helpful for kids be well organized at home, at school and at any of the many extracurricular activities that they may choose to become involved with. It can be necessary for kids to understand organizing and how it differs from cleaning up a messy room. It is also very important that parents and children realize the many types of organizing and how keeping certain things neat is not meant to squash creativity. As this is a parent and child class, much information will be covered about the importance of being well organized for medical reasons, school preparations and various types of emergencies. This program is suitable for any age group.


IMG_4816    Monday, April 22,  2019 – 1pm – 2pm

Earth Day – Not Quite Zero Waste – Home Sustainability: Steps to Leading  Healthier Lifestyle 

Howland Public Library – Beacon

NOTE: This is the comprehensive version of the PGC presentation list above on October 27, 2018.