Announcements for Autumn!


A new season… and a new road to becoming healthier and more organized…

Garrison Concierge has several announcements for the cooler seasons ahead to suit the various needs and desires for clients.



What is the Deep Heap Circle? 

The DEEP HEAP CIRCLE is the new name for the clutter support group founded and facilitated by Garrison Concierge with the Desmond-Fish Library. This support group was introduced in the spring of 2017 without a specific name. Taking the summer months off, the support group is to resume on Wednesday, October 4th at the library. As an ongoing discussion group for untidiness control, this group meets the first Wednesday of each month at 1:30 at the Desmond-Fish Library, facilitated by Garrison Concierge.

NOTE: The October 4th session will be another meet & greet introduction for the new season and guidelines and confidentiality code will be handed out to participants.

For more information, e-mail




Wednesday, October 25th – 1:30pm – 2:30pm

HOME SUSTAINABILITY WORKSHOP: STEPS TO LEADING A HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE: This workshop is for those considering ways to make their home and lifestyles more sustainable by adopting habits for living a healthier, simpler and more peaceful lifestyle while helping the environment. There will be much discussion about way to reduce clutter, lower waste amounts and save on utilities. Warnings will be given about dangerous toxins in our living spaces, plastics, foods and toiletries. Also, recommendations will be discussed concerning green cleaning as to what products are natural and what products should be avoided.





Now that the weather is cool, but not yet freezing, it’s the perfect time to deal with those procrastinated tasks, due to hot or frosty temperatures. For sessions over two hours based on organizing an attic or garage, clients can receive 20% off of the total hours worked.


Now that a new academic year has started, parents find themselves inundated with papers– school records, health records, forms for registrations, newsletters, calendars, notes… it just goes on and on. For a session to help reduce the frustrations parents may have with the amount of paperwork that enters their home, Garrison Concierge can help to customize a system that works for the family. For a flat fee of $50, e-mail or call Garrison Concierge for a special session.


If you have been meaning to reorganize your pantry and/or refrigerator for what seems like forever, Garrison Concierge can help you handle such a task with great ease. With cooler seasons ahead and meals changing to more comfort foods, now is a great time to attack these two parts of the kitchen to start these seasons off right! $100 gets both a pantry and a refrigerator on the way to easier access to the warm foods you love!



New Offering! One-on-One Classes!

Garrison Concierge has had many compliments on the programs offered over the years. However, there have been numerous people who said that they missed a program because they were unavailable for the date or time that the program was hosted. Most of these people have asked for Garrison Concierge to let them know when a program is coming up that they were previously interested. With this notion, Garrison Concierge has now come up with a plan! That is, no-more-waiting! If there is any program in the past that was missed, it can be reserved as a one-on-one class session! Simply contact Garrison Concierge with the program title of your choosing and ask when the class could be set one-on-one and set the location for a low fee of $25. Program titles are found with this link: PROGRAMS

NOTE: Programs for the public will still be offered in class settings at various locations in Philipstown and Beacon. This is simply something that is an added benefit when someone absolutely cannot make one of those public programs.