June marks special joy for Garrison Concierge!


While en route to an early morning client today, I had to pull over with joy to take this shot of my odometer reaching 100,000 miles! Some might think this is a negative… but, while miles might take their toll on my car eventually, reaching 100,000 means I have been very, very busy serving clients, which brings me a lot of joy! So, in celebration of reaching 100,000 miles on my car, I am offering current and new clients residing in Philipstown one free hour for any organizing session lasting three or more hours.

I really appreciate my clients and enjoy my job tremendously. Thank you all for keeping me on the go!

**Also, please note that a lot of the miles I have put on my vehicle are green miles because I offer a mileage discount to clients who live a mile apart and have sessions running consecutively in my rounds. If you haven’t heard about the Garrison Concierge One Mile Discount, please read below.


>>> The One Mile Discount <<<

As of August 1, 2015, a new *green* discount was announced! As it frequently happens that GC clients sometimes live so close to one another, saving GC time and fuel for sessions, it seems only logical to pass down those savings to clients!>>> The One Mile Discount <<<  will be offered when two clients living within-one-mile of one another both schedule any of the following options

  • an organizing session for two or more hours = $10 off
  • an errand deliver or small household task = $5 off
  • a house sitting check-in for five days or less = $5 off
  • a house sitting check-in for six days or more = $10 off

*** For example, if GC pops over to Client A at 8am for a house sitting check-in (in a series of four days,) and Client B lives down the road and needs an organizing session to begin at 9am, both of those clients receive a discount. Client A receives $5 off and Client B receives $10 off. *Note: Different services have different fees, so discounts will vary according to what services are requested.

Since clients won’t really know when other clients near them are scheduled, it’s fun for clients to have a little discount surprise every now and then! Garrison Concierge has always been a green company, so this is just another way to honor our beautiful Hudson Valley environment.