March is National Nutrition Month!


Organize Your Kitchen and Eat Healthy!

Month is a busy month, preparing for April’s Tax Day. So what better month to eat as healthy as possible. It certainly helps to have a well organized kitchen, with specific focus on the refrigerator and pantry. For the month of March, Garrison Concierge is offering discounts for both tax document organization and for kitchen organizing! See details below!

KITCHEN ORGANIZING! For the month of March, Garrison Concierge will offer $30 off for organizing kitchens of any size. This will prove to be an important organizing project to help avoid eating expired foods and improving storage for foods to stay fresh for as long as possible in effort to not waste money and food.

TAX PREPARATION!  For the month of March, Garrison Concierge will offer $30 off for any paper management sessions based directly for tax preparation. Session appointments for this fill up quickly, so try not to procrastinate in making contact with GC as soon as possible to reserve some time to focus on this task.

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