National Garage Sale Day – August 8th!


Did you know that August 8th is National Garage Sale Day?

If you find that you are emotionally attached to many of your possessions and need professional guidance to help you determine what may be best to save and organize— or donate— or sell, the last month of summer is a great way to start fresh with the cooler season arriving shortly.
With over 16 years of organizing experience, Garrison Concierge follow a strict code of ethics in client privacy and can assist your needs at any level.

July is National Picnic Month!!

Did you know that July is NATIONAL PICNIC MONTH?


Let Garrison Concierge assist in keeping your home life organized, run errands or handle some simple tasks for you so that you can have more time for leisure picnic time with your friends and family!

Here is a helpful safety info sheet about keeping everyone and their foods safe outdoors during the summer months:



Garrison Concierge had the absolute pleasure to work with a loving couple and their daughter to reorganize their master bedroom closet so that they could concentrate on more important events going on in their lives.
For the full photo album of before and after shots, visit this link:
Testimonial from winners, Christine Schaetzl & Ted A’Zary…
“Garrison Concierge is very easy to work with and had lots of ideas to improve organization and storage in our small shared closet. She is skilled at making her clients feel at ease, listening to their concerns, and formulating good solutions. It feels good to have the chaos of the closet tamed. Thank you!!” 

March is National Nutrition Month!


Organize Your Kitchen and Eat Healthy!

Month is a busy month, preparing for April’s Tax Day. So what better month to eat as healthy as possible. It certainly helps to have a well organized kitchen, with specific focus on the refrigerator and pantry. For the month of March, Garrison Concierge is offering discounts for both tax document organization and for kitchen organizing! See details below!

KITCHEN ORGANIZING! For the month of March, Garrison Concierge will offer $30 off for organizing kitchens of any size. This will prove to be an important organizing project to help avoid eating expired foods and improving storage for foods to stay fresh for as long as possible in effort to not waste money and food.

TAX PREPARATION!  For the month of March, Garrison Concierge will offer $30 off for any paper management sessions based directly for tax preparation. Session appointments for this fill up quickly, so try not to procrastinate in making contact with GC as soon as possible to reserve some time to focus on this task.

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