Get Organized Month 2015 marks big changes for Garrison Concierge and STRESSED.PRESSED.MESSED!

After over two years of running two separate businesses, professional organizer, Madeleine DeNitto has decided that it makes perfect sense to combine both businesses under one name. Garrison Concierge will now offer not only errands and simple tasks, but also offer the extensive organizing services of STRESSED.PRESSED. MESSED. Since 1999, Madeleine has offered highly specialized organizing services in three states and continues to work diligently to ensure that her clients are satisfied.

Please return to this new site to find out what neat events may be in store for 2015!! Meanwhile, please like the official Garrison Concierge Facebook page where you can view lots of photos, find special tips and learn the latest news about Garrison Concierge! On the Facebook page, you will also find details on how Garrison Concierge is celebrating this new big business change by offering not one, not two, but THREE FREE CONTESTS!